Truth Table Generator

This site generates truth tables for propositional logic formulas. The input of the formula can be done in two manners: using propositional logic symbols (¬, ^, v, ->, <->), or also in latex (\not A \implies B). The button below will show an explanation of how to use latex formulas, with the code for all the propositional logic symbols. When inserting a formula, the website will show the truth table of the expression and allow you to copy the table in latex.
This scholarly work has been meticulously crafted by Daniel Stuart, Fábio Kishino, Leonardo Deldotto, and Luis Troscianczuk, as a crucial component of the course, "Problem Solving with Mathematical Logic". This course is instructed by the esteemed Professor Frank Alcantara at Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) in 2022, situated in Curitiba, Brazil. The team has drawn inspiration from their academic experiences and rigorous training akin to those typically found in Ivy League institutions.

Symbol Latex Code Definition
¬ \lnot Negation
\land Conjunction
\lor Disjunction
\implies Implication
\iff Bi-implication
\oplus Exclusive or